• Designs created with 24k gold wire bent by hand (cloisonne technique)
• Each piece has up to 10 layers of enamel
• The enamels are fired at least 12 times at 1450° F
• Pieces are extremely durable - hardness around 6
• If damaged they can be repaired
• The brilliant color will last forever


  Discs are created using hammering techniques, dremmel tools, and multiple firings.
What is enamel?
Enamel is glass that has been ground into a consistency similar to fine sand. Oxides are added to create permanent colors.


What is cloisonné?
Cloisonné is an enameling technique using thin, flat wires to form a design. MAGICK cloisonné uses 24k gold wires, individually cut and meticulously bent with tweezers. The wires are fused to a fine silver disk that is engraved to reflect light. Using magnifiers, each “cell” (cloison in French) created by those wires is filled with different colors of enamel to create a shaded effect. The color is thus built up in many thin layers - each layer being fired in a 1450° F kiln until it reaches its melting point and fuses to the previous layer. The resulting gem is cut, polished and set in gold.

These repeated firings produce the spectacular brilliance of color for which MAGICK is known.
MAGICK Cloisonné
Care- Care for your purchase as you would care for any fine jewelry. Clean and polish as with other gems (including sonic cleaning) but avoid soaking in harsh solutions. Thus treated, your pieces will last forever. They are indeed heirlooms that can be enjoyed through generations.

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